Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Leaving June 6 for Kenya

Welcome to my first post, where I am working from the reliable power and Internet connection in Frisco, Texas. But, it won't be this easy starting June 6, 2011 when I leave for approximately 27 months in Kenya, serving in the Peace Corps. I will be joining 56 new volunteers for training in Loitokitok, then we will be sent to our individual assignments throughout the country. I am serving in the Small Enterprise Development sector. Basically, we assist small businesses our skills in planning, sales and marketing and finance. This program has been recently re-vamped and our group will be one of the first implementing the new model. There is still much to learn.

My posts will be sporadic from June 8-August 4, as our training site has very limited Internet access (one crowded cafe that is "painfully" slow), but I will do the best I can. Real snail mail letters are welcome. Please send me a private email if you would like the address and mailing information.

I always dreamed of taking my skills and experiences to a developing country in my "encore career" and now that dream is about to come true! I have been packing, saying goodbyes to family and friends, and learning how to use technology to stay in touch. I hope you will join me on this adventure.